Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Saam Farahmand / Video Portraits

London based video artist Saam Farahmand directs films in the context of art, music, fashion, television, performance, virals and documentaries. Farahmand’s bill of buzzworthy films include colorful and clever music videos for Klaxons, Hercules & Love Affair, Janet Jackson and Simian Mobile Disco, a documentary featuring Soulwax, and a fashion film for Alexander McQueen. Sam is just about to release his latest piece of work video portraits and its another exciting, fun and colourful project. The video features the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Carri Munden of Cassetteplaya, Simon Taylor from Klaxons, artist Matthew Stone and David Dewaele from Soulwax, all dancing to their favourite songs.....basically a bunch of trendies dancing like prats (but we all know its just east london geek cool- so they act stupid so they are actually cool) but some of the people involved i really like and i have been following Saam Farahmand for a while. Did i mention the launch night is also on a friday and what better way to spend it than with some weird beautiful video art, beautiful people, booze just round the corner from my house! You can check out the trailer on the video portraits website...its hilarious. and you can get advance tickets now for £10....

Sam also has his own gallery space, Boyschool, in the good old East end to support the work of emerging artists and develop his own future projects...check out more here

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