Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Love Vintage, Love Music, Love Free Booze....

Its one of those things your not sure if you want to mention, but being the kind hearted person i am i thought id share this little gem with all of you too!

A home from home the EAST END THRIFT STORE is literally on my door step and is by far one of the best cheap vintage shops in London, mainly for the fact that it stocks an amazing array of vintage pieces, their prices aren't ridiculous and it isn't on Brick Lane! Instead you will find the perfect place to whittle away a few hours (and pounds in your bank account) down a little street near Whitechapel Tube. So no Brick Lane crowds or price tags! Until it is swarmed upon by the masses, which lets face it it will soon be it seems this place couldn't get much better...but it has because the East End Thrift Store is throwing a Free Party!! Expect DJs, Free Booze, Clothes and thrift store prices.

Its on the 28th of January 7pm-11pm, which seems to defeat the object of getting people drunk and buying lots of clothes as its the day before most pay days...none the less i will be there right at the front of the cue probably drunk and with a bundle of obscure spontaneous buys...

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