Friday, 29 January 2010

Vintage Bird Cages

Its friday, the last day of the January month and for a lot of people pay day!!! It couldn't have come sooner as thanks to my beautiful lover of shabby chic friend i have developed a small obsession with vintage bird cages and have been dying to expand my collection since i was presented with my first cage at Christmas....i never thought i would be a collector of anything but how can you not when there are so many to beautiful ones to collect.So many choices on ebay, although i'm yet to find a really good authentic online store that stocks loads of different vintage styles....any suggestions welcome...! I found the strap line on this site fucking hilarious...
'Bird Cages Keep Your Bird Safe & Protected' ..urm derrrr??!?!?!

Ohh and if like me your house / flat / room is not yet big enough to house a whole collection then pick up a pendant not one to get all girly but its BEAUTIFUL!!! ASOS have them..but they look crap so check out ebay instead....already ordered mine!

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