Friday, 22 January 2010

Golden Filter / Open Your Eyes

After a year of touring around the world shrouded in mystery, Penelope and Stephen, aka The Golden Filter, took the long road back home to New York City to self-produce their debut album which casts glimpses into their unearthly world where goddesses, love, myths and mountains reign. Its apparently packed with drum circles, string sections, field recordings, and lots of microphones, taking the album beyond disco to unveil where their secrets are shared and where their mystery dissolves...looking forward to getting the promo in the post!!

The Golden Filter's debut album, VOLUSPA, is set for release on Monday 26th April 2010 on UK Independent Brille Records (home of The Knife, Good Shoes, Lucus Renney and Operator Please.) and ‘Hide Me’ (which you can hear over on their Myspace now) the first single from the album will be released Monday 19th April.

Check out the teaser trailer and watch this space for more streaming and album updates.....

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