Friday, 26 February 2010

Another Dose of Friday Music Madness

Boe Weaver "Ghouls" from VU Records on Vimeo.


Its friday again and once again my little brain has become a little fried and any comprehensive thinkings have become blocked by the thought, smell and taste of wine. Therefore what a perfect time to bring you something equally as random as this wonderful video from masked musicians Boe Weaver. Its pure weird and wonderful acid freak (that sounds also like a good description of myself right now) Its comic books mixed with bubblegum, 70s horror and some strange but beautiful exotic instrumental music...but thats pretty much all i can say because no one really knows who or what Boe Weaver is or are. Not quite a band but more of a state of mind, all i know is that Boe Weaver formed in late 2008 in response to a musical brief they received from the producers of a hugely popular blood-splattered US TV show. It may not be to everyones taste i appreciate and they did apparently have a few releases in 2009 which panned, but this is the first i have heard of Boe Weaver and there is something very oddly likeable and endearing about their music (and weird costumes)

So wether they give you a headache and make you vomit or intrigue you a little bit and put you in a friday feeling i hope you enjoy and most of all have an awesome fucking weekend!

Oh and we also know this: Boe Weaver work out of The Isle of Wight, they like to wear massive animal masks and they rarely leave the studio and their self titled debut album is out on the 22nd March. Ive already got my copy...but head here to check out more

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