Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Maison Sauvage

After over two years of commuting, drunken nights falling asleep on the train home and missing my stop, or staying on whatever floor I could find to crash, last summer I made the big move from my quaint little village in Bucks to East London. A quaint little share flat it was already perfectly filled with loads of bric a brac, books, art posters and some very interesting but beautiful pieces of pottery. My kind of place! It was only a few months ago that i discovered these unusual pieces of art were in-fact the hard work of my previous room owner - Nicole Mueller. Having only met Nicole a few times but along with stories from my flatmates it is clear just how dedicate and deeply creative this girl is. Hailing from Germany and inspired by artists such as Dutch ceramicist and designer Hella Jongerius, Nicole headed over to the UK to complete her MA at Central St Martins. Maison Sauvage (which was selected by and is now stocking at Wolf & Badger!!) is Muller's eye catching collection, characterised by the use of strong neon lines and quirky shapes, the collection aims to reflect the 'present day patchwork family'. I love her use of simple but strong shapes that are both uniformed but un-uniformed, and the whole inspiration behind her workings. With my expanding role into the world of gallery curating and art press - i very much hope that i can get Nicole's next collection exclusively launching at our brand new gallery!

Apart from gaining an exclusive space at Wolf & Badger - the new concept store space (see previous poppy entries) Nicole is off to the states to work with fellow ceramic artist and friend Andrea Faith this space

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