Wednesday, 10 February 2010

With credit card in hand...I salute you

So its taken a little longer than planned to get this piece up..but things have been manic and maybe i am still recovering a little from the launch party and the endless drinks i HAD to attended since! Oh dear. Anyway back to the point and Notting Hill has finally been given a new lease of life lets face it it needed something new!) as last week saw the launch of new concept store space Wolf and Badger - oh and what a beauty it is! Set up by hand bag designer Zoe Knight and her partner art gallery owner Samir Caric , Wolf and Badger aims to be a store but not a store, but a unique lifestyle space that provides a platform for some of the best design talent from the UK and beyond. Designers have to apply to be apart of The Badger, and if selected they get the opportunity showcase their amazing, individual innovative creations that can span across fashion, accessories, jewellery and homeware. Its a treasure chest of exciting new talent and offers a unique and most importantly cheap opportunity for upcoming creatives to show and sell their creations.

The launch night was an absolute success - not just for the yummy cocktails on offer but the store really lived up to its kooky name, beautifully designed and mystically inspired site and pre launch hype! Cocktails aside i was presented with an impressing array of eclectic pieces from a wide selection of both unique and upcoming talent and established designers. Only a few designers were selected for the opening but highlights included established brand Felder Felder's leather studded pieces and a beautiful jacket from Maria Francesca Pepe.

A beautiful store, a great idea and two individuals who are dream mentors for anyone looking to take that selling step in the industry. I suggest even if you don't plan on spending money you head down there and check it out..!

46 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill
London W11 2AB

Mon-Sat 10am 6pm
Sunday: 11am 5pm

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