Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Musique and Madness

Ohhh i love Stereo Total and i love friday, so what better way to sign off for the weekend than sharing it with you ! Favourite Album has to be Musique Automatique...mainly because thats the one i've been listening to the most! But all the same despite the fact these guys are from Germany its made me come over feeling all French and creative! Bizarre! The excessive amount of Beechams i have been on may have added to todays madness but hey ho, thats life! So here is a little clip of this brilliantly awesome strange musical collective....

Im feeling like i should be in aztec prints, dark sunglasses, fag in one hand german beer in teh other hanging out with equally as strange individuals, sharing our love of Stereo Audio and all things creative. This i'm thinking should all be taking place in a brown styled bar in east london..of course! Suitably cliche..but i feel inspired...Poppy Cleopatra euro mash up night on the cards? Maybe not when i've come to my sense and off the drugs.

Just noted the amount of ! i have used...but its friday and i'm all fuck you if you don't like it!!!!!!!!!!

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