Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Save Our Small Smalls...

Available at Topshop Online - probably not instore

Arrrr Valentines….and surprise surprise, magazines and sites are awash with top underwear picks! I have a very very serious problem with this, not because I don’t like valentines (infact I don’t really mind it and am not adverse to being spoilt) but because the underwear reviews seem to be pretty much tailored to those lucky individuals blessed with breasts. This isn’t just a seasonal problem but an ongoing one, it just seemed like the perfect time to have a moan..its a tuesday after all and still three days until the weekend!

I have struggled for longer than I wish to remember to deck out my 34 A chest in a simple style at a simple price! Underwear sections are banned on shopping trips and I have long given up trailing the stores to find something simple, not under-wired, not padded that still retains a touch of maturity (e.g not looking like a training bra). I’m not going to completely slate the lack of the underwear industries insight – there are some beautiful pieces and triangle bras out there for those of us who could earn a wedge from BA to use our chest as a runway, but these tend to be so god dam frilly its not meant for everyday wear. – instead it deserves to be framed and mounted on the wall as a piece of art. Also do I look like I can afford £50 odd quid for a bra??

I am not convinced I am the only one who can only wear soft unpadded underwear and who would like to feel they can enjoy the pleasures of underwear shopping without the MYLA price tag. SO just a little plea to all you designers, business brains, high street chains, journalists and stylists – please can we do something about this and maybe next valentines day think outside the box when it comes to underwear features???

My Round Up ....

Online is definitely the way forward at the moment...as there is a much bigger selection - downfall? I want to enjoy shopping in a store and try on styles.

Bralets - both on trend and unpadded - perfect. Except can we get a few styles without the underwire and a bit better stretch support? I don't know why but i really dislike Topshop, however they do have a great selection....

Throw away associations with training bras and try some snuggly fitting crop tops - these keep you feeling supported but look great under a denim shirt and exposed slightly! I just picked up some great ones at Primark - 2 for £4!

Last but not least - embrace and just be happy in the thought you will not have back problems and can wear your underwear as outwear without looking stupid - something that will be big for S/S10!

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