Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A New Mutant Breed Of Sound


A self confessed nerd, Lindgren aka Mux Mool has been weaving and criss crossing his way across the country for many years, collecting records, loops, samples and partying a bit (a lot) along the way too...! A new mutant breed of sounds, the Mools obsession began like many, from an early age with a cheap toy keyboard. With a hunger for always creating something new and an extrovert imagination Mux mixes his nerdy passion for technology, love of sounds including hip hop, dub and electro to bring a wholly individual new breed of sci fi homespun electro that is equally as weird as it is listenable and wonderful! A piece of art as much as a piece of music, Mux's work is like looking at the inside of a computer - complicated but compiled perfectly.

Single Lady his 'First' release (not necessarily true - just adds to the labels PR bumf) was out at the end of January and expect his 2010 full-length debut, SKULLTASTE, in March....PR BLURB - the culmination of years of toil and experimentation, gathering Lindgren’s myriad talents and obsessions into one gloriously sprawling document. I will update you on a real persons verdict when i get the album...but i have a feeling it will be pretty good.

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