Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sweet 16...


She's only 16 but this girl is amazing and i am not afraid to say i am extremely jealous! She first found her interest in photography at 12 years old, taking pictures of Japenese fashion dolls and only a few years on she is already working as a freelance photographer. Her images are absolutely beautiful, capturing a strong sense of nostalgia, the beauty of youth with quirky twists ;
it is a reflection of a world where surrealism meets realism. The fact that at only 16 this girl has already worked for clients including Harper's Bazzar, Jack Wills, Oasis, Polydor and Puella is a pretty good sign she may have something worth taking a look out and rumour has it Vogue has even picked up on this photographic talent with something coming up in the May issue. Words will only distract from these photos so here are a few of my favourites but you can check out more here

All photographs by Eleanor Hardwick

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