Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Members: Zac Pennington, Rachael Jensen, Jherek Bischoff
Hometown: Portland, OR
Record Label: Slender Means Society (their very own)

Simple, complicated, unique, pop music..i can't quite work out this band, but its probably why i'm such a big fan. Their music is easy listening pop and uncomplicated but from the lyrics and meandering melodies to the cover artwork, each release seems steeped in history, stories and individual personality - and now they have come up with another clever, complicated, beautiful masterpiece! Ever the pragmatists, Parenthetical Girls are set to release ' Privilege' their new full length, as a box set of five extremely limited 12" EPs on their own Slender Means Society label. Wether you like the music or not the brilliant artwork on their releases is enough to invest and commit yourself to collecting all five!Each 12" will feature artwork by the Swedish illustrator Jenny Mörtsell (see top picture) and will be hand-numbered in the blood of the core members. Weird but fitting for the first of the 5 releases,'Privilege Part 1 is titled 'On Death & Endearments'....and is released on the 23rd February....I LOVE IT!You can't get it in store but via their very own Slender Means Society

As the cycle concludes in May of 2011, the fifth and final 12" will come packaged in a beautiful, aesthetically cohesive LP box designed to house all four of the preceding releases, forming the complete Privilege album.

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