Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bring it all back to you....

Am genuinely loving Miranda's look.....inspiration for next week i think!!!

An 80's child I was an avide fan of 90's pop and tv culture - many of my favourite memories stem from the decade now deemed 'vintage' - Clueless, All Saints, Platform wedges, blue eye shadow, the racoons! Ohhh its everywhere i know, and while there seems to be no distinct line of inspiration it looks like with a new decade having dawned we are moving away from the 80's fashion seen every season and the 90's is back, reigning as one of summer trend's inspirational culprits!As London is the home of young talent we’re now experiencing the style of designers who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s and their work reflects it, and only the other day who won best brits performance? oh yes the Spice Girls and they deserved it!

Its time to move on, no longer looking at the 90's as only yesterday but cementing, celebrating and documenting it for the history books and future generations to learn about in years to come. So instead of the same old shite about the 'modern takes on 90's fashions' why not let us take a moment and reflect on some of those good old genuine favourites (well if you were a young teen) from the 90's....( i know some of these are from days before but these are what reminds me of the 90's!)

A good cause...get involved:

Ohhhh yes! legendary books.....still trying to find my collection..

Woolworths pre cinema run....How high did you use to get off this and pix&mix -

Arhhhh all white outfits.....and do you remember those butterfly clips in the hair??

Saving the best for last .....the scrunchies

I know there is loads i have probably add a comment and let me know what your favourite memory was from the 90's !

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  1. Spice Girls tribute bands... every school talent show there was always someone doing spice girls... I was always ginger for some reason - I had a union jack dress and platform boots and I really though life couldn't get much better than that... haha